Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ryan Lochte -Michael Phelps Slayer?

Michael Phelps may have a bit of a hard time repeating his amazing performance of the past Olympics.  Mainly due to his teammate Ryan Lochte.

Ryan is not new to swimming.  He has been a world class swimmer for a while now, but up until this point he has most been, "the best swimmer who is not named 'Michael Phelps'".

After this coming Olympics, that may no longer be true.  In the Olympic Trials Phelps and Lochte battled head to head on numerous events.  Coming in neck-to-neck and blowing away the competition.  But Lochte seemed to come out on the winning end more often than not.  Expect Lochte to come away with a nice collection of Gold medals, and at least a couple of victories over team-mate and sometime rival, Michael Phelps.

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